MakeMKV 1.10.7

Rips DVD and BD discs, transcodes clips to MKV and streams video
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MakeMKV is intended to transcode video. In this regard, the tool supports various input formats, including DAT, IFO, BDM, ISO and MKV. Moreover, it allows ripping DVD and Blu-ray discs. It is a big limitation, however, that the only output format allowed is MKV. Nevertheless, one of the advantages of using this format is that it can preserve the original chapter structure of the disc as well as all its audio and video tracks.

The program is extremely easy to use as it can automatically detect disc contents when you use the Open Disc command. From these, you can pick the tracks you want to copy. Another way is to open the desired files directly from their folder. Since the tool does not alter the original data in any way, it guarantees the resulting clips have exactly the same quality as the original. An inconvenience, though, is that the program cannot be set to compress the source files any further. As an extra feature, this product can stream video contents over a webserver.

In general, this tool comes in quite handy when you need to play the contents of your discs on other devices that do not have a physical reader. Although the product is shareware, it allows an extremely generous 60-day trial period. Not only that, every time you download and install a newer version, this time limit is reset. On top of that, you will still be able to continue ripping DVDs without needing to pay for a license. Finally, it is true that it does not have as many features as other similar applications. Still, this does not make it less worth-trying.

Pedro Castro
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  • DVDs and BDs supported
  • Various input formats
  • Original quality preserved
  • Original chapter structure kept
  • Generous trial conditions
  • Video streaming


  • Less features than other similar tools
  • No additional video compression
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